Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meow im a cat?

Lions Skins has launched a new line. I had the pleasure of preview some of there skins (and like an awful blogger am running late on my commentary.)

I didn't want this to be a pointing out all the points in a skin, people can find those out for theme selves buy demoing the product. I did how ever fall in love with this makeup! I love the contrast of the Aqua and Yellow, its also not symmetrical which makes for all the more interesting.

Lion Skins to me is a newish brand and im really excited by this last release. With over 40 diffrent makeups in each tone theres somthing for everyone from wild and excentric to classic and demure.

Lion Skin Reciewoutfit

I went a bit mad i think on trying to match colours >.< The first place i looked in my inventory for some colour was the AOHARU folder. I remember stumbling on this shop just after they ed bought the sim and being amazed by Machang's creativity. She never fails to deliver something fun and fresh.

Close Up

Skin:Lion Skins, SU Pale 30 B
Eyes:Les Nior, azul
Hair:Ayak@mi, Slender in Carbon black (closest to grey!)

Neck Peice:AOHARU,Flower Chiffon in Soft Blue
Tank:Michmi, Black Tank
Skirt:AOHARU, Chiffon Ruffel Yellow and black

Gloves:Fleur, Aqua long gloves
Shoes:Tesla, High Oxfords Aqua

<3 marni

Monday, December 29, 2008

Wow i Jump Blogs atm

This is just my contribution to the handbag posts everyone doing (what there fun) i didn't really know were to put this post so i figured shove it here. After all the old turnip isn't syndicated yet.

So drum roll please!

Marnis bag of Crap!

Hand Bag RL

1. The bag, one I'm rather fond of
2.Purple Arm length suede gloves (i folded them funny sorry)
3.Make up assortments, i always have red lipstick with me. And a cheap cameo braoch in mad colours that always breaks but i it love to bits.
4.Train Tickets
5.Pink Comb
6.Fight dry lips! Lip Balm the pink one smells yummy
7.Assorted paper crap
8.My reading glasses (there bright red square numbers)
10.A rather empty Purse
11.Black 60's style round sunglasses
12.Strange second hand sunglasses
13.Moisturizer (again fight dry skin)
14.Matches (I'm at a loose as to why i have these, i don't smoke...)
15.Train Pass
17.Tunage (no its not an iPod that's far to trendy)

Might clean this bad boy out after seeing all this :P

Marni <3

Friday, December 26, 2008

new blog.....

The Old Turnip Details

I started a new blog and its still not on the feed :) so have a looksie here!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lace Up Boots and Feather

This is just a quick post (i apologize for the lack of updates but i doubt many people noticed :P)

Boots Full

I put this mash up of an outfit on today and just had to snap it whilst i had a chance. Its was in fact Apatia Hammer that finished it off with these wonderful boots that she herself was sporting at the time.

Boots Lower

These chunky men's boots mixed with feather and muted tones is just right in my opinion, juxtaposed, surreal and rather silly.

I'm sort of wearing the New paper couture that I'm sure will soon become rather over blogged. I have to say this has been my favorite line they have done as of yet. Its much more quirky although i was sad not to see a show debuting it all. I personaly feal thats part of there appeal, drama and a big show and tell of goodies.

Boots Upper

What am i wearing?

Hair: Kin- Liya in White
Lashes- Cake , Bedroom
Skin- Redgrave, Jennifer Smoky 2
Eyes - Double Paradox, Moony Classics Navy

Hat- Chaoeau tres Mignon , Bird of Paradise hat
Pink Top on Jecket Layer - Chachet, from Tilda Outfit
Arm Warmers- Last Call, Right Said Outfit (no longer availble)
Top worn under and Feather- Paper Couture, Night Heron
Boots- GutterBlood, ROT Polished Boot
Skirt- Thimbles, from the Long Vermont Roads Dress


Marni- In Winter Hibernation- Grut

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Black and White Ball

I think is highly likely atm my tech issues are subsiding (huzzah!). This is a look i often wear in RL, a mans short or thick leggings and what can only be called bitch boots. Sadly in SL you don't get the same volume from the mans shirt but i think this little number works well.

Black and White Ball Face

If you can see iv have been playing with my shape a fair bit recently, just generally refreshing my look a wee bit. This current version was made with the new MMS Moscow skins in mind.

The shirt for this outfit as i mentioned before if from a mens section, i love the Saturday night fever thing that comes with this!

Black and White Ball Full

Black and White Ball Objects


Hair: AOHARU, Ann Twilight
Lashes: Cake, Bedroom
Eyes: MMS, Deep Blue Eyes
Skin: MMS, Moscow Pale 1B

Shirt: AOHARU, Silk Shirt black
Belt: MMS, Part of the Ritta Leather Jacket
Leggins: M*A*ii*K*I, Long Leggings Black
Socks: Viva La Glam (worn under to aviod bare anckels!)

Gloves: Ghost, Part of BabyDoll isnt Dead Yet (no longer avaible)
Shoes: Tesla: Hylda Boot Black
Earings: +Plus, Black Pearl Earings
Bag:+Plus. The Clutc Bag in Black

A fairly demur look, ill be back with colour to make your eyes bleed soon :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Candy Winter

I've been out of world quite a lot recently due to technical issues (any mac user out there will know what i mean) but when I've been logging in iv found myself playing more and more with outfits and not building as i meant to.

Judging from the weather in jolly old England its well and truly winter and therefor outfits must be decided accordingly. I love and hate "fall" fashion and this season has been no different. My main issue with the season is the lack of colour in most collections and sheer drabness's. If your going to wear black then do it with flair not out of a winter wardrobe habit.

Candy Fashion Face

This hair was a great find, its has such a wind swept diva quality. Its frame lips perfectly, showing of my candy smackers rather well if you ask moi. I wanted this look to have a plain-ish center piece so this jacket was a natural choice a new release from BomBon and its availble for both MEN AND WOMAN (cough men go see it theres a whole section of yummyness for you lot)

Candy Fashion Full

My dress (worn under the jacket) is a great little find. Originaly i picked it up for a post i wanted to do on wearing trends in a slightly diffrent mannar. Im in love with tarten this season in bright colours. Whilst not the most sohpitcated of looks, when paired with wellies i think this look has enough fun to keep you warm in those cold pixels :P

What am i Wearing?

Lashes: Cake, Bedroom
Skin:MMS, Moscow, Fair 6b
Eyes:MMS, Deep Blue Eyes
Hair: Zero Style, Artimes Silver

Jacket:GriBon, Peeeeecoat (woman)
Dress: Hal*Hina, Check Ballon Top Purpe
Wellies: ETD, Yellow Rain Boots

Hope to See you again soon!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Offensive Colour

I'm back (err sorta) and i was having a think about my personal style in RL and relating that back to SL. Not to sound big headed but in RL chances are you'll notice me, if your eyes don't hurt from my colour combinations I'm not wearing enough colours frankly :p
Offensive Colour

Offensive Colour is what some people might see. I think is fun in pixel fabric personally.

Offensive Colour2

(P.S) I'm having the same issue with pics as all mac users atm therefor sorry for them being lower rezz


Skin: Redgrave, Jennifer Smokey 2
Lashes: Cake, Bedroom
Hair: George St, Obstacle 2
Eyes: Redgrave, Venus Blue

Bracelet: ::69::, Sprinkels gold
Necklace: Co- Pilot, Chunky Dory Necklace (marni colourway)
Bag: Mon Amie, Shopping Bag
Shoes: Tesla, Vixen 2 Emerald

Tank (worn under shirt): Cammie Cooper, Lace Trimmed Lady Beater
Socks: Corduroy, Puji's kneehighs Baby Blue
Jeans and Suspenders: *yamy*, Suspender Jeans
Shirt: Armidi, Dans La Ville Blouse Cerise



Monday, September 8, 2008

New at Cashmere

This will just be a shortish post because I'm a bit strapped for time atm. I will no doubt be highlighting more fun items from this new release in the future.

Cashmere dropped a new release on use last night and for anyone who want bold colours and fun prints, this is the shop for you. There are plenty of Giannis signature high waists in her newer items as well as a full on store revamp.

I wanted to highlight the jeans, think there are wonderful skinnies and with a lot of coloured jeans just hitting the market, i think there hold there own. Comining in low rise and high waist in a viariaty of colours.

All the other clothes im wearing in the pic are cashmere as well :)

New at Cashmere

Other Credits:

Skin (in both): Nylon, Raw Plain
Hair in left pic : Kin, Clara
Hair in right pic: MMS, Ribbon
Belt in left pic: Line, Fancy Girl Belt
Necklace in left pic: ::69::, Icecream red
Shoes in left pic: ETD, Hamptons wedges
Shoes in right pic: Tesla, vixan fuschia



Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lazy Night Cub Haze

This outfit basically stemmed from reading a lot of RL fashion blogs all set in LA, i wanted something unassuming and chic. An outfit you could roll out of a club in or as easily pick up your all vegan lunch and drive your preius in :P

The Jacket from Bare Rose comes from a rather manic shopping trip there today. I do just love them, i always find at least 5 thing in the new section when i go in alone, and becuase the outfits are so in-expensive i dont even think, just click :)

Seven Club One

I wanted to mix the jacket with somthing more fresh hense the denim shorts, socks, Killer heels and big glasses. The perfect combo if you ask me :)

Seven Club Two

I also for the first time in a while dug out my loveys skins :) I like how the harsh bright red lip makes this outfit look slightly dated even with the modern elements

Newho Credits:

Eyes: *FTL*, Cabochon Kusa
Skin: Loveys, Cherry, tone Honey

Gloves:GHOST!, From the babydoll is not dead set
Socks: Maitreya, Slouch Socks in Grey/Blue
Glasses: Fiertze & .Co, Art Kid Glasses in Jet Fade
Jacket: Bare Rose, Bellezza Black Jacket
Denim Shorts: Popfuzz
Shoes: Maitreya: Frenzy Haute Couture


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just a Quickie

I always say I'm going to just pop a swift blog pop in on a new product i really like. And to date that long list has never really got done. But i couldn't resist when i saw the new Aden Gen 3 skins. Now don't expect a propper review I'm far too sleepy to be able to string words together for more that 200 words. There for you'll have a nice arty farty piccy and simpley my opion thats these are wonderful skins.

Marni Face Close up

Go check the skins out ASAP!

also wearing:
MMS Electra Hair in White
Lashes, Cake, Bedroom
Eyes, FTL